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System Components for Automation

Easy access to mobile systems

The REX 100 WiFi enables a wireless connection to the WAN network, which means e.g. that mobile system components can very easily be connected to an existing WLAN infrastructure.

PN/CAN-Gateway, CAN Layer 2, CANopen
With the new PN/CAN gateway, the connection of CANopen® devices to PROFINET is easy and straightforward. The range of products currently includes versions for the CANopen® Master and Layer 2 protocols.
WALL IE, Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall
WALL IE, Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall
WALL IE, the Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall, simply integrates your machinery network into the higher-level production network.
PROFINET Switch, 4-port, managed
PROFINET-Switch, 4-Port, managed
Connect up to four network participants to save time and costs with the managed PROFINET switch.
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